Black Tusk (Aurora Cannabis) Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Hey Everybody! My first order from Aurora proved to be a good one with a lot of nice bud! Very happy to see that this LP is living up to the hype! More than just great marijuana, Aurora provides a great patient experience too! All strains are $8 regardless of strain and potency, unless you qualify for compassionate pricing then your cost drops to $5 a gram with no restrictions. And you only have to order 5g for the shipping to be free! This is something all LP’s need to take note of as many will give you free shipping over 30g but there are still a few stragglers out there who still charge patients shipping regardless of how much they order.

On to the cannabis! And what great cannabis it is!! Aurora calls it Black Tusk, rest of the world knows it as Black Water and I call it a perfect night cap! Black Tusk is a pure indica and clocks in at 22% THC and has an amazingly sweet hashy scent. These were very dense buds that had very little give between my fingers. Curing was spot on as there were no crispy bits or crumbling going on and under magnification the trichomes were wonderfully milky.

When vaped, the Tusk produced super sweet vapor that was almost too easy on the draw (that could have been me, I’ve got a soft spot for things that taste like hash!) and the pure indica effects took hold rather quickly… my eyes almost instantly began to feel a little weighty!

Black Tusk from Aurora is a solid strain, particularly if you are into indicas. In my experience, this strain helps with pain, insomnia, inflammation and increasing your appetite.

For more information on Black Tusk please visit Auora’s website here –

For more information on the vaporizer I used in today’s review, the Titanic 2, check out my full review here –


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