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Blue Dream Cannabis Strain Review

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? (and what that means )
Blue Dream is a hybrid strain that tends to have Sativa like features. Sativas are more inspiring and uplifting. However, since this is a hybrid you will notice some effects of stoniness with it as well.

The average THC levels in Blue Dream are around 17%-24% and it is low in CBD (.1%-.2%).

Aroma and Taste
Blue Dream is sweet and fruity aroma with a bit of a berry like flavor. It receives high marks from our users for both taste and aroma. Excellent strain for the person who loves the terpenes.

What Makes It Popular
Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains in the world because it can be used as a “day time strain” but also lay you back in the evening. It’s great for time when you want to be relaxed but remain clear in thought.

Medical Benefits
Medically Blue Dream is worth trying for anxiety, and depression. Many users report help with nausea and arthritis. Also patients report that Blue Dream is good for migraine headaches and pain relief.

If you’re looking to feel inspired, productive, and yet a little deep and euphoric, Blue Dream is an excellent choice.

If you’ve tried Blue Dream, tell us what you thought about it. It’s through real user reviews that we can grow our community knowledge base.

It’s N-Dub here talking about one of my favorite strains, Blue Dream.
Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid. With a sweet, fruity aroma and taste.
It’s the perfect strain to enjoy with a hike in the woods, artistic endeavors, or just hanging out with friends.
The variety balance is a cerebral high with a nice body buzz.
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