DAB LAB TV – EFS Internal Recycler Bong – Showcase (Review in Description)


Ben and I decided to finally sit down and review our EFS Internal Recycler Bong. Except, we never really got around to reviewing itafter all the dabs, lol. So instead I am writing this review. Sot let’s get to it.

First off, this piece is a perfect “e-nail” rig. Even when using an adapter, it keeps the nail at a good distance and angle. Which is important, because you should never use an enail without an adapter in my opinion. It is also a very heavy and sturdy piece (base is almost 10″ wide), which is a plus for e-nails too. Aside from it’s amazing enail compatibility, the piece just functions outstanding. I have hit a few Mothership Internal Klein Recyclers and this piece hits very similar. Even better, it comes with a wig-wag on the base for half the price! But don’t let the price tag fool you. The craftsmanship on these pieces is excellent. Clean welds and thick glass. Although I still prefer 2 to 3 hole diffusion for oil, I really like the way this piece hits. Would make a great flower piece. It even comes with a slide. A+

– Jay

PS. Not saying this piece is better than a Mothership, just saying it is similar and it is a very fair price! And the last dab did not get wasted and drip down the hole, It all vaporized! 😉


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