Dont throw away your garbage! Most of it isn’t actaully trash yet! (Old Video 2016) ⋆

Just a little video of me taking all the dirty/oily stuff i acquire and cleaning it in alcohol, filtering it (4x’s – once in a coffee filter and through 3, 25 micron pressing screens) GET IT CLEAN!!!
Then i let it evaporate in pyrex and it’s not the best to smoke, but it’s great in edibles and a lot better then throwing all that away!!!
The thumbnail pic for this video is the shatter i was left with after following these instructions…

This video was found on the710 extractionist ‘s channel. Click here to view on youtube! **DISCLAIMER: Although this content was pulled from a public source, we don’t want to upset anyone in the community. That being said, if you would like your content taken down or edited, please contact webmaster. Thank you!**

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