Quadra (Bud Lime) Medical Marijuana Strain Review

My oh my do I have a refreshing treat for you today! With a perfect flavour profile for the summer we have Quadra or Bud Lime from Broken Coast Cannabis! This fresh tasting hybrid strain is a 50 / 50 balance of indica and sativa and is said to be good for stress relief, pain relief and insomnia.

To aid me in my review I have with me the Puri5 Magnum vaporizer.

You can check out the review of the Magnum here: http://www.kushbury.com/reviews-1/2015/8/10/puri5-magnum-vaporizer-review

Want your own? Check out Puri5’s website here: http://www.puri5.us/?aff=4

And don’t forget to visit www.kushbury.com for more reviews!


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